Clip for Android and Samsung

Clip for Android and Samsung


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With a simple gesture

Play and change a song
Use your fitness functions
Manage a PC Presentation
Call your favourite contacts
Read and scroll a notification
Connect your IFTTT and GoPro

Calibrate and use
Fast calibration and deep gesture learning allows you to perfectly master the gesture interaction

Customizable gestures
A set of default gesture are suggested for the first use, but we encourage you to find your personal finger movements

Soft anti-allergic silicone
Simply wear it on and forget it. It so light and comfortable that you'll have to look at the wrist to know if it's there

No worries about washing hands and water spilling on the device, you'll still be able to use it, even when wet!

Bluetooth smart low power
The bluetooth smart connects to every smartwatch and smartphone and also most of the laptops